Single Old Fashioned, Fluted by Richard Brendon

By Skurnik


190ml / 6.4 oz
H 8cm / 3.1"
ø 7.6cm / 3"

Richard Brendon have partnered with Gleneagles to develop the new hand-crafted crystal collection, Fluted. Fluted draws inspiration from the decadent cocktail culture of the 1920s, and fits perfectly in the American Bar at Gleneagles, which has been masterfully designed by David Collins Studio.

Like the cocktail glasses of the Art Deco era, the Fluted stemware is light and perfectly proportioned, while the tumblers are reassuringly weighty. Each piece has been mouth-blown by master craftsmen in Bohemia to ensure your crystal is of the highest standard. The collection takes its name from the delicately placed fluted cuts that run the length of each piece. In the Richard Brendon signature style, Fluted combines just the right amount of traditional and contemporary elements to create a progressive yet timeless collection.

Whilst the Double Old Fashioned Tumbler is the perfect size to enjoy a cocktail on the rocks, The Single Old Fashioned Tumbler has been designed for those who prefer their spirits neat. Slightly smaller than its larger counterpart but still impressively weighty and wide enough to capture every exquisite aroma, this is the ideal sized glass with which to take your time over a special single serve.